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RS ­ Religion and Human Relationships - Questions
1. Roles of the husband in a traditional Christian family:
The husband is to assume leadership in the home (Ephesians 5:23)
He should not be dictatorial, condescending or patronising to his wife, but treat her with respect
He should act with the…

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The rings exchanged ­ never ending relationship
Joining of hands ­ couple come together as husband and wife
Signing of the register ­ New legal status as a married couple
The vows ­ promises made to each other
Sex ­ Physical sign of couple joining in holy matrimony
Nuptial Mass…

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should not be a Christian liturgy for civil partnerships. However, there have been some clergy prepared to carry
out such services.
The Catholic Church: does not recognise this as Christian marriage and considers this a threat to Christian
marriage. Christian marriage is based on the biblical understanding of the natural…




Absoloutely perfect thank you so much, will be of much help to me for my upcoming exam 

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