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OCR AS Biology
Unit F212
Molecules, Biodiversity, Food and Health
Module 1: Biological molecules…read more

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There are a number of key biological molecules that
have important roles within cells. These are
carbohydrate, protein, lipid (fats and oils) and nucleic
Knowledge of their structure will help you understand
their functions.
Biological molecules
Nucleic acids
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Biological molecules
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Amino acids and protein structure
Lipids (fats and oils)
Chemical tests for key biological molecules
Summary…read more

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Water is a key component of our cells
Approximately 70% of the body is water
It has a number of key roles
it acts as a solvent
chemical reactions/metabolism take place in solution
it has a cooling effect when it evaporates
cohesive forces exist between water molecules
water flows!
surface tension…read more

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... water...
Water is a small molecule
+ two hydrogen atoms
covalently bonded to oxygen
Electrons are not shared
- equally between the oxygen
and hydrogen
the oxygen nucleus has 8
positively-charged protons
+ more `pulling power' than the
single proton of the
hydrogen…read more

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... water...
Water molecule has a
+ dipole:
slight negative charge
around the oxygen
slight positive charge
around the hydrogen
+ +
oxygen is attracted to the
Hydrogen bond
forms weak hydrogen
bonds between the water
molecules…read more

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Excellent powerpoint summarizing aspects of biochemistry.

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