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The ICT Exam ­ G061
120 minutes long
Mark Grade
120 marks
= 1 mark per minute 108-120
72-83 C
60-71 D
48-59 E
12 mark gap between each grade
Exam is 60% of the qualification…read more

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The ICT Exam ­ G061
Identify 1 mark No need to make a Short Answer
(give or state) sentence
Describe 2 marks 1 mark for identifying + 1 mark for describing
If it's already identified you need 2 sentences or 1
sentence + 1 example
Explain 3 marks Same as describe question with an extra explanation
Compare 3 marks Use the compare table with criteria's…read more

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The ICT Exam ­ G061
Advantages Easy to use
Benefits +
Disadvantages Cost money (license)
Drawbacks - Not compatible with all operating systems
Characteristics Features Slide transitions
Custom animation
Purpose Use of Create slideshow to display with a projector
Impacts Consequences Lots of customers will not be able to view it as it is not compatible with
their tablets.…read more

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The ICT Exam ­ G061
Writing the 20 mark question
· Introduction ­ a very short intro, which is 1 or 2 lines long
and rephrases the question.
· Paragraph 1 ­ this explains one positive impact/point
· Paragraph 2 ­ this explains one negative impact/point
· Paragraph 3 ­ should only be used if you have no ideas
· Conclusion ­ a mini conclusion which summarises the idea,
and is 1 or 2 lines long.…read more


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