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Oceans on the Edge
Topic 7 ­ Oceans on the edge…read more

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I can locate a coral ecosystem
· Corals are found around the equator because its warmer and the
majority are found mostly in the Indian ocean
· Coral reefs in St Lucia
­ Coral reef tourism brings in around 20% of St Lucia's GDP
­ Natural shoreline protection from storms
­ Coral reef associated fisheries brings in $0.5 million a year
­ Many conflicts of interests along the coasts because coral is getting
damaged ­ Conservationists want to conserve the coral whereas the
fishermen need to catch fish and the coral is home to many fish.
· SMMA is trying to stop damaged caused to the coral ­ they put in no ­ go
areas so that the coral in those areas get flourish undisturbed
· The fishermen are angry because it means that they won't be able to catch as
many fish
· To make sure no one goes in the no ­ go area they have to police it which cost
money…read more

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I can describe the structure of coral reef
Coral needs temperatures
between 20- 30 degrees C to
They need shallow seas up
to 40m in depth to survive
To survive they need clear
and unpolluted water
The zooxanthellae live in
the coral and
photosynthesis to
produce food for the
Coral is formed by many
coral polyps formed
together…read more

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I can explain how the coral food web
· Producers ­ produce food through photosynthesis
· Primary consumer - Herbivores ­ eat the producers
· Secondary consumer - Omnivores and carnivores eat the
herbivores…read more

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I can explain the impacts of humans on
the coral food web
· Because of overfishing of certain fish that prey
on starfish ­ there are more starfish and they
are eating to much of the coral reef
· If the coral dies out then the primary
consumers won't have anything to eat so will
also die out. The secondary consumers won't
have anything to eat so will die out as well or
will eat more of its other prey causing them to
die out.…read more

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I can describe the goods and services
the coral provides
· Worth £200 billion a year in goods and
· Home to 1/3 of marine life
· Has same level of biodiversity as the rainforest
· Brings in tourism…read more

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