This is a table of the main nutrients that you will need to know. Remembering these could help you alot.

Have a look. Good Luck.

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Nutrient Main function 2 Foods
Protein Needed for growth, repair and Fish
maintenance of body cells nuts
Carbohydrate Provides energy (starch and sugar) Pasta
Fluoride Helps strengthen the enamel of teeth Sea water fish
Iodine Helps produce hormones which Sea food
maintain metabolic rates. Milk and dairy
Potassium, Together regulate the concentration of Potatoes ­ potassium
sodium, body fluids Eggs Sodium
chloride Tomatoes Chloride
Vitamin A Necessary for good eyesight Carrots
especially in dim light Egg yolk
Vitamin B1 Help with the function of the nervous Lean pork
(Thiamine) system and the release of energy Nuts and seeds
from food
Folic acid Helps make red blood cells Corn and whole grains
(folate) Lentils
Vitamin B2 Necessary for healthy skin and Beef and poultry
(Riboflavin) nervous system Cheese
Iron Helps to produce haemoglobin which Meat
takes oxygen around the blood Dried apricots
Fat A concentrated form of energy, Whole milk
protects vital organs and insulates the Ice cream,
Calcium To form strong bones and teeth and Milk and dairy products
aid the clotting of blood Green leafy vegetables
Phosphorus Works with calcium to build strong Leafy green vegetables
bones and teeth Pulses
Vitamin D Works with calcium and phosphorus Oily fish
to build strong bones and teeth Cheese
Vitamin C Essential for connective tissue and Oranges
helps with your immune system Brocoli
Vitamin K Helps blood to clot if you cut yourself. Leafy vegetables
Vitamin B3 Involved in metabolic processes Meat and poultry

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