Northumberland's Government

How effectively did Northumberland govern England?

A document to help everyone taking AS Level Early Modern History, contains all information on Northumberland's government in comparison to Somerset's.

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How Effectively did Northumberland govern?
Religion Foreign Policy
evangelical embarked on a peace policy
not a great deal of religious reforms Treaty of Boulogne ­ March 1550 ­
ensured peace with the French at last
continued with the reforms Somerset o often considered "peace at any
had made, but was otherwise relatively cost" but probably a good thing
conservative for England.
understood the need for religious ended garrisoning in Scotland, thereby
caution saving £180,000 p.a.
Treaty of Norham ­ June 1551 ­ peace
with Scotland
undertook a policy of neutrality during
the following war between France and
the Emperor. By refraining from war,
Northumberland was able to save
cheap, cautious, frugal
was not ambitious or glorious
Effective? Effective?
Yes, in that he did not make any more Yes ­ it saved a great deal of money,
of the mistakes that Somerset had which was useful as the crown was
almost bankrupt
Yes, in that there were no religious
revolts as there had been under Yes, in that it ensured English safety in
Somerset's rule peace with both France and Scotland
Did not, as Northumberland probably However, it did not achieve glorious
would have wanted, promote results
evangelical reform

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Economic and social policies Style of Government
restored administrative and social much more conciliar than Somerset's
efficiency to England autocratic style
worked to improve social conditions in consulted the Privy Council on his
England far more effectively than policies
o whilst Somerset had attempted consulted the young king Edward much
to achieve popularity through more than Somerset had done (though
popular social reforms, this was partly because the boy was
Northumberland created a much older, and had a greater say in the
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