Problems faced and dealt by Northumberland

For anybody looking for Northumberland's social and economic problems and how he dealt with them during Edward Vi's reign then here it is.

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Northumberland: Social and Economic problems.
Somerset was faced by an economic and social crisis. This lead to the 1549 Western
and Kett's rebellions. Northumberland too was faced by economic and social
problems, he inherited this from the time Somerset was leading the country.
However, Warwick learnt from the mistakes that were previously made by Somerset.
Economic problems:
The war meant now that England was bankrupt.
Debasement caused inflation and instability.
Crown lands were being sold thus causing the Government to gain less revenue from
Raising taxes would cause unrest as it would be difficult to justify due to the fact the
country was not at war anymore.
Widespread unemployment was caused within textile workers because the Antwerp
cloth market was not stable.
Social Problems:
The population was on the increase, and standard of living and opportunities of work
were declining.
Grain prices were rising - below average harvests were also a problem.
The Western and Kett's rebellions of 1549 lead to growing fears among the nobility -
Somerset's anti-enclosure policy caused great expectations with the poor, but
these weren't met.
What Northumberland did to address the Economic problems:
Northumberland wanted to
End debasement,
Reduce Expenditure,
And he wanted to get Edward debt-free.
Sale of the Church lands meant that loans could be paid off.
In 1552 coinage was recalled and debasement was ended, the currency value was
More crown lands were sold off and debts in Antwerp were paid.
Even though Northumberland significantly improved the economic situation, there
were still problems he faced. Selling off the Church lands had in fact weakened the
Crowns long term financial situation.
Restoring Social Order:
The 1547 Vagrancy Act and the 1548 Sheep taxes were repealed.
Enclosure commission was withdrawn.
Acts passed to protect arable farming.
A new Treason Act was passed in 1552, this allowed more law and order and more


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