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Hub - A hub is a device that connects PCs together. If you send something to a hub, it'll send
it to every PC.
Switch - It records the IP and MAC addresses in a table of all the devices connected to it. Sends
stuff back to certain PCs.
Router - A router records the address information of everything connected to it like a switch. But it
also records the address of the next closest router in the network. It connects different networks
Ability to share files, hardware and software
Lower software costs
Improved security
Improved communications
Easy backup
Central maintenance and support
Technical knowledge needed
Lack of access when server fails
Ring ­ peer to peer
Bus ­ either, easier to add computers
Star ­ client server
Mesh ­ client server, more tolerant, more connections
One site National/World wide
Cable/Wireless Telecommunications/Satellite
E.g. Internet
Internet World Wide Web
International network of computers Is the content
Hardware Software
Intranet Extranet

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Private network that uses browser type It's a public intranet that can be access by users
software to view content. outside of the organisation by using a
e.g.…read more

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Standards are needed so that all network devices work in a similar way…read more


Mr A Gibson

A great set of basic notes that you can refer to easily - arranged with some pictures and bullets - ideal revision fodder.

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