advantages and disadvantages of networks as a whole

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Advantages and disadvantages of networks as a whole
Advantages Disadvantages
Sharing hardware- if a computer wasn't If a virus gets into a network, it will
connected to a network then each one damage everything on that network
would need its own printer which is
Files can be placed in shared area, If a network fails on one can access
allowing users to access lots of any files or folders on that network
different files and resources
You can log on to any workstation and Slow service when lots of users are on
be able to access the work you did on the network at once there isn't enough
any station in the network bandwidth, so the computers
performance slows down
All work can be centrally backed up Cost- building a network is expensive.
reducing the risk of work being lost Every machine needs to be connected,
so new cables need to be purchased.
People need to be employed to network
the computers
Software can be installed on lots of Extra support required- networks need
different computers at once which constant maintenance so specialist staff
saves time as they don't have to be like network managers need to be
installed on each computer individually employed, adding to the cost
Antivirus software can be run on all
computers at the same time and can
protect them all at the same level
Users have to log in to access
information when using a network so no
one else can access your information


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