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What is network?

A basic network consists of a collection of computers and other hardware devices such as printers and scanners that are linked together so that they can communicate with each other.

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Basic Elements of an ICT Network

 Communication devices

Networking software

Data transfer media

Standards and procedures

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Communication Devices

 Pieces of hardware that are needed to turn stand-alone computers into networked computers.

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Network Components

Hub- Simple device which is used to join computers in a network so that they are able to share files and an internet connection.

Switches (network)

  • Similar to hubs in that they are used to join multiple computers together in a network.
  • Switches, however, contain more intelligence because they are able to inspect packets of data so that they are forwarded appropriately.
  • Because a switch only sends a packet of data to the computer it is intended for, it reduces the amount of data on the network, hence speeding the network up.


  • Usually a combination of hardware and software which often act as gateways so that small home computer networks can be connected to the internet using a single connection.
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