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Home country/ HQ

Nestle is a Swiss TNC which is the largest food company in the world by revenues. The
headquarters of nestle are situated in Vevey on lake Geneva in western Switzerland,
which is where the company was established after a merger in 1905 between the
foundation of…

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12% from chocolate
11% pet food and products
6% from pharmaceutical products
2% from baby milk
In 2012 nestle made 14 billion dollars.
Also in 2012 nestle opened new research and development facilities in
India and china to make the most of the emerging markets.
Also in 2012 nestle bought…

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chocapic which is sold in much of Europe, middle east and Latin America and
chokella which is sold in many countries in Europe including France and Turkey.)
Coffee including Nescafe, nespresso and dolce gusto which are sold worldwide,
but also localised coffee brands such as sunrise in India, ecco in…

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nestle into a company which has high profit turnovers instead of having to sell a lot of
low margin commodities.

Criticisms of nestle

One of the most prominent controversies surrounding Nestle concerns the company's
promotion of infant formula to mothers across the world. Groups such as the
international baby food…

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In 2012 the fair labour association who were hired by nestle found the company had
been failing to carry out basic checks on its cocoa supply chain where child labour and
abuse are widespread. The FLA tracked the journey of cocoa from the poorest and
remote areas that sold to…

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with Alzheimer's, as well as this in 2012 nestle acquired the firm Prometheus
laboratories which makes drugs for inflammatory bowel diseases. Nestle also bought
the UK firm C, H &P which makes chewing gum for those with kidney problems.

Nestle sponsors the Beijing music festival in China and the Salzburg…


Mr A Gibson


You will need a case study of a multi-national and this one of Nestle is very detailed so you could use this. It covers a lot of information on the orgnisations proliferation across the globe and along with it the criticism of the company.

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