Cumbria floods 2015 - Storm Desmond

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Cumbria and Lancashire Floods, December 2015 ­ Case Study
In early December 2015 Cumbria was hit by mass flooding as a result of Storm Desmond, which
resulted in the environmental agency issuing 17 severe weather warnings in North and East
Cumbria, meaning he weather could pose a danger to life. The large amount of rainfall (40mm in a
few hours) resulted in Glenridding Beck, River Kent and River Eden bursting their banks. Many
others are still expected to follow suit such as the River Tees. The roads and drainage couldn't
handle that intensity of rainfall and that's why flash flooding occurred.
1m high water
50 miles of road diversions sue to closed roads.
In a worse-case scenario there could be a total of 6455 homes affected.
In Carlisle, police estimated up to 3500 homes had been flooded
5200 homes damaged in the first day ­ many more followed.
In North-West England the estimated cost to damage was £500 million.
45000 homes lost power
1000 homes without power in Cumbria for the first 4 days.
Thousands of people were made temporarily homeless from water damage.
Shops and businesses damaged.
Carlisle was divided for a significant amount of days following, awaiting inspection by
divers ­ 130 other bridges were still awaiting immediate inspection in the week after the
weekend of the first rounds of floods.
Three bridges collapsed ­ Pooley Bridge in Ullswater, B5295 Bridge at Braithwaite and
Keswick Railway Path Bridge.
Train services affected - Landslips halted trains between Carlisle and Workington
8 schools remained closed 2 weeks after the floods began.
The body of a 78-year-old man was recovered after he fell into fast-flowing floodwater in
the swollen River Kent in Kendal, Cumbria.
According to an Environmental Agency gauge on the River Kent in hills surrounding
Kentmere in Cumbria, the water is 12 inches higher than during the 2010 floods, which
was the previous record.
Primary Responses:
In Lancashire, residents from approximately 20 homes in St Michaels were moved to a
nearby YMCA centre after a severe flood warning was issued.
Diggers were deployed in an effort to try and calm the swollen rivers.
Emergency Services were working to support and preserve flood defences in the area and
said water levels in the River Wyre in central Lancashire peaked at about 09:30 on Friday
December after heavy overnight rainfall.
A592 was closed between Glenridding and the B5320 junction (Pooley Bridge) for over a
week. The only diversion in operation was reported to be 50 miles long.
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team (based close to Glenridding) answered 50 calls for help
in the first 100 hours including the rescue of a pregnant woman, transporting a heart
attack patient and evacuating a care home in Appleby.

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Fire crews are visiting flooded homes in Appleby to check residents are safe and well.
Flood gates at Yarm and Croft were closed.
Temporary defences and pumps were moved to North-West England
200 military personnel were mobilised.
A Chinook helicopter was made available as part of the emergency response.…read more


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