Case Study: Nestle


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Case Study: Nestle

Nestle Facts.

  • The world is losing 3.5 trillion dollars because of deforestation.
  • The world health organisation estimate that 1.5 million children die every year from not being adequately breast fed.
  • Nestle profit post tax 2006 = 2 billion.
  • The specific breast milk formula is called MIO.
  • Part of the criticism of nestle is that they are aggressively selling, advertising and marketing their product.
  • The problem is that because the water is unclean in Brazil, the product has to be mixed with this unclean water to be then given to the baby, in the form of the breast milk solution.
  • Because of the aggressive marketing campaign, families buy the formula even though they cant afford it.
  • Breast milk given from the mother, is a good source of anti-bodies, they provide protection from diseases such as pneumonia, botulism, bronchitis, staphylococcal, the flu and ear infections during its first months and years.
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Case Study: Nestle

Nestle Facts

  • 200 UK universities have banned the sale of nestle products because of what they do.
  • In Brazil the citizens for water group have boycotted nestle products because they are taking water from a main aquifer.
  • Philippines boycott nestle products because of labour rights violations.
  • Nestle have a factory in Harare (capital of Zimbabwe)
  • It produces milk powder and cereal for the local people.
  • Its been there for 50 years.
  • Directly employs 200 people.
  • Indirectly employs hundreds of milk farmers and other suppliers.
  • They keep contractual employers in business, this is important because Zimbabwe's dairy industry has collapsed.
  • Cheap flour, readily available raw material, good size domestic market,
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