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Home country/ HQ
Nestle is a Swiss TNC which is the largest food company in the world by revenues. The
headquarters of nestle are situated in Vevey on lake Geneva in western Switzerland,
which is where the company was established after a merger in 1905 between the
foundation of Anglo- Swiss Condensed Milk Company and Henry Nestlé's infant cereal
Although nestle is based in Switzerland it sells products in almost every country in the
world and has 468 factories situated around the world.
Here is a map of offices operated by Nestle around the world
Nestle is the biggest food company in the world with a market capitalisation of
more than 200 billion dollars. In 2011 nestle made a net profit of 10.43 billion.
In 2011 nestle was listed number 1 in the fortune global list of the world's most
profitable corporations.
Nestle has around 30 products that generate more than 1 billion Swiss francs a
year, these include Nescafe coffee, nesquik milkshake powder and pure life
bottled water which has often been found to simply be tap water.
In 2005 nestle accounted for about 2% of world sales of food in US dollars
In 2011 nestle made 32% of its sales from Europe, 31% from America (including
26% from the USA) 16% from Asia and 21% from the rest of the world.
In 2011;
27% of profit was made from drinks (mostly bottled water)
26% from dairy products
18% from ready meals

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In 2012 nestle made 14 billion dollars.
Also in 2012 nestle opened new research and development facilities in
India and china to make the most of the emerging markets.
Also in 2012 nestle bought a 60% share in the Chinese sweet and
chocolate maker Hsu fu chi fur 1.7 billion. This allowed nestle to gain a
6% share of the Chinese candy maker.
Nestle has the most research and development facilities of any food company in
the world which are situated in almost every continent.…read more

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Europe, middle east and Latin America and
chokella which is sold in many countries in Europe including France and Turkey.)
Coffee including Nescafe, nespresso and dolce gusto which are sold worldwide,
but also localised coffee brands such as sunrise in India, ecco in Peru and
Christina in Portugal.
Yoghurts such as ski and munch bunch which are sold worldwide but also molico
which is sold in brazil and prime yoghurt which is sold in Pakistan.…read more

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Criticisms of nestle
One of the most prominent controversies surrounding Nestle concerns the company's
promotion of infant formula to mothers across the world. Groups such as the
international baby food action network and save the children claim that Nestles
vicious marketing of baby milk and promoting the product in clinics and hospitals has
caused countless deaths in LEDCs, many whose mothers have been told that they would
be too weak to feed their baby.…read more

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In 2012 the fair labour association who were hired by nestle found the company had
been failing to carry out basic checks on its cocoa supply chain where child labour and
abuse are widespread. The FLA tracked the journey of cocoa from the poorest and
remote areas that sold to nestle. Nestle say it will carry out what the associates
Nestle is currently involved in the horse meat scandal with horse meat being found in
frozen beef pasta meals in Spain and Italy.…read more

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Alzheimer's, as well as this in 2012 nestle acquired the firm Prometheus
laboratories which makes drugs for inflammatory bowel diseases. Nestle also bought
the UK firm C, H &P which makes chewing gum for those with kidney problems.
Nestle sponsors the Beijing music festival in China and the Salzburg festival in Austria.…read more


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