The Nazis in power, 1933-41

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How did the Nazis consolidate their power in 1933 and 1934?

Hitler became Chancellor in January 1933 but did not have absolutely power.

  • there were only two NAzis in the cabinet of 12 and therefore nine non-Nazi cabinet members
  • Hitler's coalition government did not have a majority in the Reichstag
  • Hindenburg was still President

Hitler now set about getting absolute power over the next two years

Step One: The Reichstag Fire, February 1933

On 27th February, the Reichstag was set on fire. A Dutch Communist, van der Lubbe, was arrested for it. Hitler had used this in order for the public to believe that communists were disruptive

Key results:

  • exlpoited by the Nazis to their advantage e.g. 28th February: Hitler managed to pass 'Decree for the Protection of the People and State' which suspended most civil and political liberties (e.g. banned KPD, allowed Nazis to arrest quickly - people's courts)
  • gave an excuse for the Nazis to use violence
  • ensured that Nazis gained 43.9% of the vote (288 seats) in March 1933 elections (N.B. still not a majority)

Step Two: The Enabling Act, March 1933

Dismissed from parliamentary procedure and legislation and handed all powers to the Chancellor and President for 4 years

TWO THIRDS MAJORITY NEEDED (400MPs needed to vote for…


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