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The Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels
aimed to `Nazify' the art and culture of
He burned books that opposed Nazi ideals and
published many anti-Semitic novels, organised
mass rallies and produced pro Nazi films.…read more

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One of the main ways Nazis spread their propaganda was
through Newspapers. From 1933 all editors and journalists had to
be accredited by Goebbels.
On October 4th 1933 the Reich Press Law stated that all
journalism had to be `racially clean'.
Jews were banned from owning or working at newspapers so
Jewish ideologies or opinions could not be spread to the masses.
Clause 14 of the Reich Press Law obliged editors to exclude
anything `calculated to weaken the strength of the Reich'.…read more

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German newspaper The Attacker carried anti Jewish stories to
encourage anti-Semitism and attacks on Jews.
The Nazis feared communist uprisings so newspapers were posted in
public places so everybody be influenced by Nazi ideals.…read more

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In 1933 the Nazi Party controlled 3% of all German
newspapers but by 1934 they controlled 82%.
Goebbels' ministry of propaganda sent out daily
instructions to daily newspapers and supplies 50% of all
newspaper content so the Nazis completely controlled
what was being written and could censor anything they
didn't want written such as opposing party's
propaganda.…read more

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