3. Miracles: Aquinas

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  • 3. Miracles: Aquinas
    • Miracles are "those things...which are done by Divine power apart from the order generally followed in things"
    • "those events in which something is done by God that nature could never do"
    • "events in which God does something which nature can do, but not in that order"
    • "when God does what is usually done by the working of nature, but without the operation of the principles of nature"
    • He also considered whether God could change past events, and rejects this as illogical:
      • It is a paradox; if God did change it we would not be able to know at all
      • It is impossible that a past event did not take place as we know it to have happened
    • Criticism
      • If God is acting within natural law, how do we know a miracle was performed?
    • Strength
      • Explains how God can interact with the world


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