The Nature and Attributes of God scholars

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  • The Nature and Attributes of God scholars
    • Boethius
      • eternal
      • God has divine foreknowledge
        • replied to criticisms by saying God's foreknowledge is a conditional  necessity not a simple necessity
      • no past present or future
      • Wrote 'Consolation of philosophy'
    • Augustine
      • Gen 1-3
      • eternal
    • Anselm
      • Eternal
      • there are 4 dimension for God (time is the 4th dimension
    • Descartes
      • God can change the the laws of physics
    • Kant
      • we have free will because we need to make our own moral decisions
    • Plato
      • would say God is eternal
    • Dummett
      • our knowledge is different to God's
    • Nelson
      • everlasting
      • God is personal and works in creation
    • J. S. Mill
      • evil and suffering challenges God's omnibenevolence
    • Swinburne and Kenny
      • everlasting
      • "the notion of God experiencing all time simultaneously is incoherent"
    • Aquinas
      • Analogy of the traveller on the road
      • eternal


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