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`Nationalism and liberalism are incompatible with multiculturalism.'
How far do you agree with this assertion?

Multiculturalism initially appears to be incompatible with nationalism and liberalism due to the
conflicting tenets of the ideologies. Nationalism promotes social cohesion and unity through common
norms and values shared by a group of people.…

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autonomous person who can reflect on, evaluate, and choose ... his cultural and national affiliations".
This doctrine of individual choice is central to the ideological tradition, which dictates that people
have the choice to enter the citizenship of a nation without losing any identity. This is the divide
between the…

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distinct cultural differences, they all share the common values of capitalism; a cultural values of the
host nation has become an intrinsic part of all individuals comprising one of the most prosperous
cities in the world. The primary aspect of liberalism which creates compatibility with multiculturalism
is the belief that…


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