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Multiculturalism…read more

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Lord Bhikhu Parekh
A liberal Lord and lead thinker in
Identifies importance of acknowledging and
accommodating cultural diversity
3 assertions about culture
Cultural Embeddedness :
o People view the world largely in terms of their
cultural upbringing
Cultures contribute to understanding of `good
life': all cultures have value
Cultures are dynamic and pluralistic (different
He believes a truly multicultural society must
be based on shared political, not cultural…read more

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Problems liberals have with multiculturalism...
Only really accept cultures that are compatible
with liberal values
Support tolerance, so how can they support intolerant
Liberals believe in universal values » cultural
Support individual liberty, but what about culture
sthat clash with the law
i.e. Rastafarians + cannabis, French Muslims etc.
Reluctant to accept positive discrimination and the
public/private divide conflicts with individual
i.e. So arranged marriages would be acceptable
Liberal democracy is the only legitimate political…read more

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Liberalism Multiculturalism
A Neutral state
John Rawls
The state has to remain neutral towards cultures
and beliefs
No `State' religion
The Freedoms of one culture must never impede
on the freedoms of other cultures
The state must respect different groups' views on
what constitutes the `good life'
Believe we need to actively engage in
protecting minority cultures…read more

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Liberalism Multiculturalism
Liberal citizenship
Rights are matched by responsibilities
IF you want equal treatment and rights, you must accept these
Amitai Etzioni
"Respect and uphold society's moral order as you would have
society respect and uphold your autonomy"
Issues arise when groups seek special rights or exemptions
from duties
E.g. Sikhs and their motorcycle helmets
Multicultural citizenship
Will Kymlicka
"The long-term goal shouldn't be to extinguish or solve ethnic
politics once and for all, but rather to normalise it"
Political recognition of multiple groups within a
Concerned that excessive communitarianism will result in a
`collection of mutely coexisting cultural ghettos obsessed with…read more

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to go Amish cars
having not having
en not lights
Gypsy Exemptions
to minority
cultures ces
Sikhs not sacrifi
having to stic
wear rituali
motorcycle o
helmets Voodo…read more

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