Muslim marriage ceremony


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Describe what happens during a Muslim marriage ceremony.
A Nikah (contract) is drawn up. This is agreed between the two families and witnessed by the
bride's representative the Wali, and two other witnesses.
A mahr (marriage gift) is given to the bride by her husband. The mahr can take the form of
jewellery, a house, or even literacy.
An imam may conduct the ceremony although this is not required.
The imam tells the couple about the responsibilities they have to Allah and asks them three times
if they are agreeing freely to the marriage.
Versus from the Qur'an are often cited such as...'Be conscious of your Lord who created you
from a single soul and from it created its mate'
Rings are exchanged during the ceremony and guests will congratulate the couple by
saying...'May Allah bless you and invoke his blessing on you'.
Explain the purposes of marriage in Islam.
Marriage is the acceptable context in which to express sex. `All young people, whoever is able
to marry, let him marry, for this will keep him chaste'.
Marriage allows children to be brought up within a secure framework in which they can learn
about the Islamic faith and the difference between right and wrong.
People need company, marriage provides people with a family and companionship. `He created
for you mates from among yourselves, that you may live in peace with them.
Arranged marriages are often used in order to select the right person on the basis of social
status and faith.
Explain the importance of the promises made in the wedding contract.
Stay together for life ­ this reflects the teachings that Allah created people for companionship.
People also promise to try and make the marriage work to ensure that children are brought up
within a secure family framework whereby the religion can be passed on.
The man and woman promise to stay faithful ­ sex outside of marriage is considered a sin
within Islam.
The couple both have to accept the marriage ­ this is to ensure the marriage is voluntary and the
couple have not been forced into it.


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