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Muslim Marriage
By Lila 11MJS…read more

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Marriage means different things to each
individual depending on your culture and
religion. However a large majority see it
as the formal union of a man and a
woman (typically recognized by law) by
which they become husband and wife.
However marriage is not the union of two
people only, it is a union of two hearts;
souls; families.
What does marriage mean?…read more

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The Purpose
To bring woman and man together
To share love, companionship; which Allah
wants for all humans.
To form the basis of family life and Muslim
Arranged marriage is considered as appropriate (love
marriage is considered good in some cultures only.)…read more

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The Mahr is the dowry, once a marriage is
decided the money the groom gives to the
bride shows he can afford to keep his wife
and future children happy.
The Mahr…read more

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The Nikah
A marriage contract has to be made.
This is very important because it sets
out the terms and conditions the couple
have to agree for their marriage to be
The Nikah includes the amount of Mahr
given as well.…read more

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The Ceremony
There is no set ceremony in Islam
however several important features (IF)
show that Muslim marriage is a social
contract that has Allah's blessing.…read more

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