Religion & Citizenship: Wedding Ceremonies

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  • Wedding Ceremonies
    • A Christian Wedding
      • The couple are married by a vicar/priest in a church.
      • The bride wears a white free to symbolise her purity.
      • Passages are read from the Bible.
      • The couple make vows and exchange rings.
      • The vicar/priest blesses the marriage.
    • A Buddhist Wedding
      • Buddhism doesn't have a set ceremony so any weddings are non-religious
      • A couple will visit a monk to have their fortunes read and a lucky date is decided for the wedding
      • After the wedding ceremony, the couple might ask a monk to bless their marriage. The monk will read from Buddhist scripture to do this
    • A Muslim Wedding
      • The marriage ceremony could last up to 5 days - the wedding is called the 'nikkah'
      • This may be performed by an imam, normally at the home of the bride or groom.
      • The groom declares a dowry for his wife - given as a mark of respect.
      • Passages are read from the Qu'ran.
      • The imam asks the bride for her consent 3 times.


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