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Muslim Wedding Ceremonies
By Phoebe Wagner 9CB…read more

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· Walimah is a large feast
or party where the Bride
and Groom announce
their engagement.
· It is important because
marriages should be
declared publically in the
Islam religion, not in
secret.…read more

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· Nikah is the pre-wedding ceremony, however the bride
does not have to attend if she wishes.
· The ceremony normally consists of reading from the Qur'
an, vows exchanged in front of witnesses by both of the
partners and the marriage contract (Nikaahnaama) is
· This ceremony is normally conducted at the home of the
bride or groom.…read more

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Aim and Purpose of Muslim Wedding
· The aim of a wedding is to
bind each others souls in the
eyes of God and legally.
· People get married because
they love each other and it
is part of life as a Muslim.…read more

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Ways Bride and Groom Meet
· Muslims can have arranged
marriages which is when
their parents choose their
partner. Parents tend to
feel obliged to help their
children finding their life
· It is forbidden for anyone in
Islam to force, coerce or
trick people into marriage.…read more


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