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Mumbai, India ­ Case study: Economic development and rapid


Mumbai is a mega city on the west coast of India
It is the capital of India and is the biggest city with over 20 million people
In 1947 Mumbai's population was 4 million
An increase of more than…

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Manufacturing ­ half of Mumbai's factory workers work in the textiles industry ,
producing cotton textiles for export. Other booming industries: food processing, steel,
engineering, cement and computer software.
Construction ­ demand for housing, factories and offices = boom in construction
Entertainment ­ Mumbai has world's largest film industry…

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Provides cheap accommodation for low-skilled workers, many have electricity
Small workshops = cheap pottery, plastic toys, clothes etc...
Average incomes are low as Mumbai is very expensive they cannot afford to
move out.
Many people are forced to work in the informal sector (self-employed work
that has little security e.g.…


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