Urbanisation Case Studies

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  • Urbanisation Case Studies
    • Reurbanisation- London Docklands
      • Facts
        • Globally important in the 19th & 20th century
        • 1960's onward the docks went into decline
        • 150,000 lost there jobs
        • 20% Housing unsuitable for living
        • London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) set up in 1981
      • Positive
        • Docks refurbished to provide a more attractive environment for locals
        • Public services built- Health centres, shopping centres and water sports centre
        • New schools and colleges built and existing ones improved
        • 24,00 new dockland homes were built
        • Enterprise zone created- 1998 2,700 business trading in the area- Attracted £7.7 billion in investment
        • Railway opened in 1987 cutting journeys to the city centre by 20 minutes making commuting easier
      • Negatives
        • Conflict between the original residents and the new residents over LDDC favoring luxury housing over affordable
        • Original residents unable to find work- new businesses seeking skilled workers- 1981 36% of residents were unskilled
      • Management
        • LDDC asked for 40% of housing to be sold at affordable costs
        • Centres set up to train unemployed people to get them qualifications
        • LDDC support Skillne- Work with training providers to provide people with the skills needed to find work in thearea
    • Counter Urbanisation
      • Wilmington- London Commuter Town
        • A-road constructed for easy commuting
        • large high quality homes being buil
        • Population increase of over 200 people in 10 years
        • Farming as well as traditional industry has declined
        • Rise in car ownership due to high commuter population
        • Increase in schools in the area
        • Loss of community
        • Loss of local industry
        • Local council positions taken up by new residents
      • Lake District- No Homes For Locals
        • National Park
        • Locals on low income being "priced out" of the marker
        • Lack of new homes dues to strict planning permission on new builds
        • Many homes used as Holiday Homes instead of for local residents
          • Expanding population need housing
        • Local/Newcomer divide created
    • Urbanisation
      • South Africa
        • Brain Drain
        • Air traffic control workers
        • Moving to other countries urban centres for higher paid work than they would get in South Africa
      • Mumbai
        • Original urbanisation due to port in the 70's
        • As urban population has increased so has the population of Mumbai loving in slums
        • Originally occured due to jobs
          • Lack of well Paid jobs for poorer people due to caste system
        • Urban population increase can also be linked to unsustainable rate of natural increase
          • Lack of Family Planning


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