Mount Etna 2002 - A volcano in an MEDC - Case Study

This is a revision page of the Volcanic eruption in 2002 in Sicily. The topic is studied in the OCR Geography Specification B course from what I know of, not sure if it is mentioned in any exam board courses. Hope it helps! 

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Primary Secondary
Ash fell on Catania and People were evacuated from
closed the local airport. Linguaglossa and fires
started in the forests at
lower elevations.
Lava flowed north and Tourist facilities were
south causing damage to closed one tourist station
tourist buildings like the destroyed another badly
Rifugio Sapienza. damaged. The ski slopes
were also closed for a long
time to come.
Earthquakes measured 34 Schools and businesses
on Richter Scale. Damaging were closed as ash covered
close by towns and cities. a wide area.
Agricultural crops on the Houses were damaged in
slopes were damaged. Santa Venerina.
Ash and smoke caused air
traffic to be diverted the
airport at Catania was

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