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LEDC ­ Bangladesh 1998
Caused by storm surge
Hit on 15th November
Bangladesh = part of huge delta & low relief land
30 million homeless
1,000 died
National Government ­ program to restock farms
e.g. seeds

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MEDC Mount Etna 2001
Italy, Sicily, 12th July
Active composite volcano.…read more

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LEDC ­ Nevado del Ruiz 1985
Colombian Andes, November 13th
Dormant for 150 years
Destructive margin
Ice capped
5000 homes
Cost 20% of Colombia's GDP
US Gov sent £1 million
Nurses and doctors sent

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LEDC ­ Sichuan 2008
Northwest of China, 12th May
Collision margin
70,000 deaths
Coal mining areas damaged by tremors
80 tonnes toxic liquid ammonia spilled
£2million from China's emergency relief fund
20 helicopters
Prediction Preparation
Earthquake Seismicity patterns Training (duck, cover & hold)
(forecasting technique Test for Hydrogen/ radon content. construct buildings and roads to
can only be used for withstand tremors.
well understood faults
e.g. San Andreas)
Unusual clouds.…read more

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Detect trends on previous Having emergency services ready
epicentres and earthquakes.
Volcano Gas samples taken. Test pH of Create an exclusion zone round
water ­ acidic = rise in sulphur the volcano
Residents should be prepared with
Thermal imaging and satellite survival kits (food, blanket...)
cameras detect temp rise round
volcano. Appliances to help divert the lava
flow allowing more warning and time
Seismographs detect pretremors to escape.
and magma rising up vent.…read more

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Human activity
Sustainable action
CLIMATE…read more

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Britain's climate…read more

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Vine House Farm
Fens of East Anglia
Arable farming (specific to crops & ploughing)
Increased in size
change in...…read more

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Industry in South Wales ­ Iron & Steel
Loss of jobs
Town became derelict
Regenerate…read more


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