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Things to remember when talking about microphones:

How microphones work
Main types of microphones and their uses
Polar patterns
Mic level and line level
Microphone Impedance
Microphone Frequency Response
The History and Development of the Microphone

How do microphones work?

Microphones are transducers, devices which convert one type of…

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feedback as you can't turn the mic away from potential feedback
Hypercardioid: Eliminates most sound from sides and rear, so
appears like a narrower cardioid pattern from the front. Also has a
little bit of sensitivity at the back. Works like a cardioid but better at
isolating one very…

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It's characteristic of all microphones that some frequencies are
exaggerated and some are attenuated. A frequency response
favouring higher frequencies means the resulting output will sound
more trebly than the original sound.
Frequency response is shown using a chart and is referred to as the
frequency response curve. X axis…


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