Recording and Mixing Scenario 4

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  • Recording and Mixing s4
    • Developments in the Electrical Era
      • vinyl discs
        • hi fi
      • double button microphones
        • good signal-to-noise ratio
      • vacuum tubes
        • softly clipped the signal in microphones and amps
    • Recording in the Mechanical Era
      • instruments all recorded in one room
      • recorded to cylinders or discs
      • mono
      • phonograph, gramophone, graphophone
    • Sound Quality in the Mechanical Era
      • distorted
      • limited frequency range
      • unbalanced
      • poor signal-to-noise ratio
    • Advanced in the 50s, 60s and 70s
      • invention of DI (60s)
      • recorded to analogue tape (50s)
      • multitrack recording invented (50s)
      • hi-fi recordings


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