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Meta ethics is the area of ethics that seeks to explore and discover the meaning of words used in
ethical statements.

o Ethics discusses the nature of ethical statements and whether their useful and valid, such as:
can we understand what good really means?

o meta ethics analyses ethical language…

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2 groups Naturalism and Non Naturalism
both believe lang. is meaningful but differ in working out specifics.

Naturalism-all things are knowable using empirical evidence

o Good can be defined and has real existence
o Good is something that is provable, using empirical evidence.
o Ethical naturalists believe that the…

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o C.L Stevenson looked at emotive meaning of words and how they affect others.
o Easy to use honesty descriptively, but its used to influence other people.
o ethical statements are subjective opinions.
o Give approval or disapproval rather than give an emotive perspective.

Prescriptivism-prescribing a subjective belief or course…


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