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The primacy-recency effect
Primacy-recency effect ­ the tendency for the first few items and the last few items of a wordlist
to be recalled rather than those items in the middle of a word list.

Items recalled at the end of the list are due to the recency effect. The…

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Key characteristics Strengths Limitations
Suggests that data Empirical evidence supports various aspect of Experiments supporting the mo
passes through a the model(e.g. Peterson and Peterson artificial way (we never normal
sensory store into a confirmed the duration of STM using trigrams of digits). This means that it is d

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There has been a lot of research carried out into the phonological loop and evidence for this
component comes from at least three areas:

1. Similarity of sound - Studies have demonstrated that similar sounding letters, VPBG, are
recalled less well than dissimilar letters, XAYW. Similarity of sound in words…

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Key characteristics Strengths Lim
Consists of 3 main components: As the role of the central executive is very broad, the The
1. The central executive: model helps us to understand the link between the ma
Controls and coordinates the different cognitive processes such as memory, suc
operation of the other…

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