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History of Medicine -
Complete notes
George Heal
Rescorace…read more

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Prehistoric and Aboriginal The Renaissance sugary
Pare Koch and
Egyptian Medicine
William Harvey Gerhard
Ancient Greece Domagk
18th Century Medicine penicillin
Edward Jenner Women medicen
Roman Medicine
and Vaccination
Galen How did scientists
discover Public Health
the cause of disease?
Medieval Medicine
Spontaneous Generation
and the Germ Theory
Paul Ehrlich Sahachiro
Hata…read more

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Prehistoric medicine
How were they
Trephening…read more

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How were they
· Nomads ­ meaning that they had no fixed home and
they moved around
· They were hunter-gatherers ­ they got all their food
without farming
· They lived in small groups without complicated political
· They had very simple levels of technology ­ spears,
bows and arrows, axes, knives and scrapers all made
from wood, bone and stone.
· They had no system of writing so nothing was recorded ­
most of what we know of prehistoric people comes from
skeletons.…read more

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· was a process where circles in the skull were
removed. We do not know why this happed. The
main resson are
· Used to people who had skull injuries, epilepsy
or headaches - likely as operations are still done
today where bits of the skull is removed if the
brain is swollen
· To release evil spirits from the body ­ likely as
prehistoric people believed in spirits and the
supernatural.…read more

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Egyptian Medicine
Public hetatly anatomy-surgery
Egyptian Empire
Cause and effect
Body and surgery
Religion-anatomy-surgery…read more

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