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Media Practise Questions
Short answer questions (2 marks each)
1. Give 2 examples of when TV has been used to motivate people to support a good cause.
2. Explain 2 ways in which the internet differs from other sources of media.
3. What kinds of information can people receive through text messages today? (think about
text messages from companies, not individuals)
4. Give 2 examples of when the TV has influenced public opinion.
5. Define the mass media?
6. Explain what is meant by press censorship.
7. Explain why many people regard it as very important to have a `free press'.
8. Describe 2 differences between broadsheet and tabloid newspapers.
9. Give an example of a reason why somebody might complain to the PCC?
10. Give 2 restrictions placed on the media in the UK.
Extended question (10 marks)
"The media are more interested in selling newspapers or attracting audiences than
telling the truth." Do you agree with this view?
Give reasons for your opinion, showing you have considered another point of view. You
could include the following in your answer and other information of your own.
Income from advertising
Biased opinions
Providing entertainment
Challenging the powerful
Printing what customers want to see


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