KT1- McCarthy and the Red Scare

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  • KT1- McCarthyism and the Red Scare
    • The Red Scare
      • McCarthy had a list of communist workers- the numbers changed
      • fear was from 1945 onwards because of the Cold War
      • Resulted in communist hunting
      • Fear of communism and it spreading
      • Hollywood 10- Suspected of being communist
    • The Hiss Case
      • Atomic Bomb increases USA fear
      • Arrested for being communist
      • Found guilty and his reputation was runined
      • 1948 Alger Hiss- government advisor
      • Citizens feared all the government was communist
    • Rosenberg case
      • Weak evidence but were sentenced to death
      • July 1950- accused of selling how to make the bombs to the USSR
      • They were killed in a electric chair
      • Julius and Ethel worked on the Atomic Bomb
    • Rise and fall of McCarthy
      • 4. Communist hunts began
      • 3. He claimed he had a list of communists working for the government
      • 5. FALL- 1950 People began to question McCarthy
      • 2. McCarthy saw this as a way to gain power and fame
      • 6. He was called a fraud and a hoax
      • 1. RISE- 1949 China became communist
      • 7. Produced fake photos and letters- banned from public speaking


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