The Red Scare

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  • The Red Scare
    • The Red Scare
      • The first Red Scare was caused by The Russian Revolution in 1919
      • The military containment policy was devised in 1945 to stop Soviet expansion
      • National security was linked to loyalty and anti-communism in the USA
      • During WW2 the US government had allied withe the USSR to win the war.
    • USA and International communism
      • President Truman was accused of taking a sympathetic approach towards communism
    • The Korean War
      • 3 years of the Korean War was a stalemate
      • 2700 Korean civilians were killed
    • The Domino Theory
      • President Eisenhower called the spread of communism the "Domino Theory"
      • While the policy may appear incredibly simplistic, it was utterly believed and later used to justify full-scale US involvement in the Vietnam War.
    • How did the Red Scare escalate?
      • Pat McCarren persuaded people that there were communist in the USA
      • Klaus Fuchs and Harry Gold were accused of passing nuclear bomb secrets onto the USSR
        • The Rosenbergs were executed for the same crime
      • Soviets admitted that 221 operatives had spied in the US government during the War
      • Alger Hiss was put in jail for 5 years for perjury
        • He really passed documents
      • The Hollywood 10 were sacked and improsend for refusing to answer HUAC questions
      • In 1947 Truman introduced The Loyalty Review Board to check up on government employees
        • 7200 government employees resigned or were sacked
      • The USSR exploded its first nuclear bomb in 1949
        • This led to an arms race to develop the hydrogen bomb which was 1000 times more powerful than the atom bomb
        • Either side never used as it would end the world
    • McCarthyism
      • On the 9th Feb 1950 McCarthy gave his speech accusing the state department of being communist
      • McCarthy had no evidence to back up his claims
      • McCarthy was put in charge of the Senate committee on government operations
      • The fear of communism gripped the USA so people believed McCarthy
      • Librarians banned books about Robin Hood as it promoted communism
      • McCarthy attacked the army that led to his downfall
        • As they fought communist in Korea
        • Joseph Welch and Eisenhower turned on McCarthy
      • David Schine McCarthy aide tried to help avoid the draft
      • The Senate censured McCarthy. He disappeared from politics and died of alcoholism in 1957
  • Pat McCarren persuaded people that there were communist in the USA


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