2nd Red Scare Causes

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  • Causes of the 2nd Red Scare
    • The USSR exploded a nuclear bomb - America lost its nuclear monopoly
    • Communism was seen as alien to American political and social life - Communism vs. the American Dream
    • The Korean War was going on - America was fighting Chinese Communist also
    • McCarthy was a Senator and accused the state dept of being infiltrated
    • The trial of the Hollywood 10 and the HUAC investigations seemed to confirm the allegations
    • Eisenhower and the Republicans used McCarthyism to win votes in the 1952 Presidential Election
    • McCarthy was supported by working class people more susceptible to simplistic conspiracy theories
    • McCarthy was a senator and believable for this reason
    • Spy scandals such as the cases of Alger Hiss and Julius and Ethel Rosenburg
    • China went communist - there were fears the State Dept was infiltrated by Communists


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