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Social change
· Religion can bring about social change-
religious ideas can influence this change.
· "The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of
Calvinism"…read more

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What do we need for capitalism?
· Technical knowledge
· Finance
· Labour
· Places like India and China had these things but something
was missing:
· "Work ethic"- committing time, energy and money into
business.…read more

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· 18th Century Europe
· One of the central beliefs ­ "doctrine of predestination".
· Not knowing whether they would go to heaven or hell made
them work hard= "Protestant ethic" + "Salvation anxiety".
· Calvinism was also an "ascetic" religion = "spirit of capitalism"
Disagreed with Marx that religion was
· 1. conservative force
· 2. shaped by economic forces…read more

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· Kautsky: Which came first? Capitalism or Calvinism?
· Did not recognise that other religions also had "capitalist
· Weber's interpretation of Calvinism is contradictory and
incomplete.…read more


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