Action Theories

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Max Weber - social action theory

Weber argued structural and action approaches are necessary for understaning human behaviour. He said this involves two levels :

1) THE LEVEL OF CAUSE - explaining the objective structural factors that shape behaviour.

2) THE LEVEL OF MEANING - understanding the subjective meanings that individuals                       attach to their actions.

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Weber - Types of action

Weber identitifes four types of action based on their meanign for the actor:

1) INSTRUMENTALLY RATIONAL ACTION - where the actor calculates the most efficient means of achieving a given goal. 

2) VALUE RATIONAL ACTION - towards a goal that the actor regards as desirable for its own sake (eg worshipping God in order to get to Heaven).

3) TRADITIONAL ACTION -  is customary, routine or habitual aciton.

4) AFFECTUAL ACTION - expresses emotion (eg weeping out of grief).

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