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The German Reformation:
31st October 1517 ­ Martin Luther published the Ninety-Five Theses. These
attacked the sale of indulgences and circulated around Wittenberg and
further. These were the result of a preacher, Johann Tetzel, selling
indulgences as a passport to Heaven.

October 1518 ­ Luther was summoned to Augsburg for…

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present in the bread and wine. He also believed that communion should be
taken in both kinds.

December 1520 ­ Luther publically burns the papal bull in Wittenburg

April 1521 ­ The Diet of Worms ­ this took place in Worms, Germany. This
was an assembly that the Holy Roman…

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showed how the two faiths were similar and were contradiction was shown
it was no that significant. For example, the clergy could marry but celibacy
was not condemned. However, the abuses in the Catholic doctrine were still
greatly criticized. Also, Lutheranism was firm that there were only two
sacraments, Baptism…

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Luther, the rulers of the lands should have all control over religious matters
and assert discipline. This was an attractive role for the princes.

- The Holy Roman Emperor's absence was also a factor as why Luther was so
successful. If Luther was perceived as a real threat to the…


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