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Vikesh Sheth

Why Was Luther Able to Challenge the Catholic Church so successfully in the years

Between the years 15171521 Luther was able to increase his challenge towards the Catholic Church.
Luther's 95 theses of 1517 produced a small protest but due to a number of factors Luther's challenge…

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Vikesh Sheth

domine, highlighting the fact that the reformation was now a serious threat. Instead of silencing Luther the
debate had accelerated the challenge contributing to its success. Moreover the absence of Charles V
meant that the challenge could grow without little opposition. Due to the vast nature of Charles…

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Vikesh Sheth

Overall between 15171525 the challenge was clearly very successful due to the fact that in 1517 it started
as a small protest but grew to a fullscale reformation in 1525. This was down to many factors contributing
to the success of the reformation, the most significant of which…


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