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Shafaq Yaqoob

Conflict Argument
Jesus heals and paralysed man
Why did this lead to conflict?
In the Jewish faith, it was thought that diseases were caused by demons or sins. They believed that only God could
forgive sins. Here, when Jesus said to the paralysed man that his sins were…

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Shafaq Yaqoob

By swearing that one's good are dedicated to God, they can no longer use their money and possessions to help their

Significance for Christians today:
The list of thoughts Jesus mentions as coming from inside a person to make them unclean are still thought to be

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Shafaq Yaqoob

coming Parousia as a time that will come when they "will see the Son of Man coming in clouds with great power and

Jesus clears out the Temple
Why did this lead to conflict?
Jesus believed that the Temple, which was the centred Jewish worship, had been…

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Shafaq Yaqoob

Why did this lead to conflict?
Jesus and the Sadducees came into conflict because the Sadducees, who did not believe in resurrection, asked Jesus
a question using an absurd story to trap him. However, Jesus replied by quoting from the Old Testament, when God
said to Moses, "I…

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Shafaq Yaqoob

The plot to kill Jesus
Why did Judas decide to betray Jesus?
Wanted to force Jesus' hand to make him fight the Romans
Disappointed by the type of Messiah Jesus was
Misunderstood the type of Messiah Jesus was.
According to Mathew's gospel, Judas was greedy for money


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