March Revolution and the Impact of WWI on Russia

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RUSSIA.…read more

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What was Russia's army like
in WWI?
· Badly Led
· Not enough supplies
· Many Deserters in the army (went to join
opposition groups)
­ Low Moral, almost ¾ died.
· Bad Transport…read more

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What was the impact of WWI on
· Not enough food, because it all went to the
· No consumer goods because so there was no
incentive to sell food.
· Not enough workers because they'd all gone
to war.…read more

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What was the impact of WWI on
the working class?
· Couldn't meet demands
· Set up medical organisation to help the
· Not enough food and even more
overcrowding.…read more

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What was the impact of WWI on
the aristocracy?
· Many of the officers were young
· Not enough peasants to work their farms
· Worried about the influence of Rasputin on
the Tsarina.…read more

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What happened at the March
· Jan and Feb 1917 there were lots of strikes
· 7th March was international women's day. 1000s of women
plus other unhappy workers demanded bread.
· 7-10th March, duma set up provisional committee despite
Tsar saying no. Industry came to a standstill.
· 12th March, the army disobeyed Tsar's orders to put down
the revolt. Instead they joined in and some shot officers.
· The duma reluctantly agrees to take over.
· 15th March, Tsar abdicates.
Brother Michael refuses to
take over. End of the
Romanov dynasty.…read more

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