History Russian 1905 revolution

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  • Russia and the 1905 revolution
    • Russia was very hard to rule
      • It was very large
      • Has a population with many different ethnicities
      • Most of the country was unsuitable farmland
        • Still used old fashion farming techniques leading to low food
      • Not much idustrialisation
    • Russian Society
      • Divided into the really rich and the really poor
      • Aristocracy was only 1% of the population
        • still owned a quarter of all the land
      • Peasants made up 80% of the population
    • The growth of opposition to the Tsar
      • He was not a good statesmen
    • The impact of the 1905 revolution
      • There was economic hardship in 1900 and  1902
      • The rising middle class wanted the Tsar to share some of his power
      • Russia's defeat in the Russo-Japanesewar
      • The Massacre on Bloody Sunday
        • There was march on the winter palace with 200,000 workers
        • The soldiers fired on the peaceful protesters
        • This killed hundreds and wounded thousands
        • This caused the 1905 revolution
          • Peasants rose up and killed there land owners
          • 400,000 workers were on srike
          • The  sailors on the Potemkin mutinied
          • The Tsar returned and used the army to regain control of the country by the end of the year he had


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