Mao's China 1949-76

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Chronology: Key Events in Mao's China, 1949­76
Year Event
1949 Communists establish the People's Republic of China: Mao begins governing China
1950­53 Korean War
1950 February ­ Mao visits Moscow, Sino-Soviet agreement signed
October ­ China enters the Korean War
Communist campaign against religion starts
Marriage law passed
1951 Mao launches the anti-movements
1952 Abolition of rival political parties: China becomes a one-party state
1952 Launch of the first Five-Year Plan (1952­56)
1953 March ­ Death of Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union
1954 The Gao Gang and Rao Rashi affair
1955 Reform of the Mandarin language
1956 Beginning of Collectivisation
De-Stalinisation begins in the USSR
1957 Mao attends Moscow Conference
Launch of the `Hundred Flowers' Campaign
1958 Launch of the Great Leap Forward (second Five-Year Plan, 1958­62)
Soviet leader Khrushchev meets Mao in Beijing
The Great Famine (1958­62)
Communist campaign against the family launched
1959 Lushan Conference
Tibetan Rising
1961 Soviet advisors withdrawn from China ­ breakdown in diplomatic relations between
China and the USSR
1962 Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping appointed to tackle the famine
The Panchen Lama's report
Mao temporarily withdraws from public life
Cuban Missile Crisis
1963 Publication of The Thoughts of Chairman Mao (the Little Red Book)
Publication of The Diary of Lei Feng
1964 China produces its own nuclear bomb

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The Wu Han affair: the play The Dismissal of Hai Rui from office attacked by Mao's
1966 Creation of the Central Cultural Revolution Group
Mao's first public appearance since 1962
First Tiananmen Square rally
Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping dismissed from government
Launch of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966­76)
1967 Launch of the `Up to the mountains and down to the villages' campaign (1967­72)
1968 Launch of the `Cleansing of the class ranks' campaign (1968­71)
1969 Lowest point in China's relationship with Russia…read more


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