Mao's China

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  • Establishing Communist rule, 1985-91
    • The problems facing the PRC in 1949
    • Mao's China 1949-76
      • Agriculture and Industry, 1949-65
        • The changing system of Land Ownership
        • The impact of the People's Communes after 1958
        • The First Five Year Plan
        • The Second Five Year Plan
        • Liu, Deng & Economic Reform    (Third Five Year Plan)
      • The Cultural Revolution and its aftermath, 1966-75
        • Reasons Mao launched the Cultural Revolution
        • Effectiveness of the Red Guards
        • Attacking Mao's political and class enemies
        • How and why it was wound down after 1968
      • Social and Cultural changes, 1949-76
        • The status of women
        • Education and health provision
        • Chinese culture
        • Religion
    • Creating a new political system
    • Dealing with opposition
    • Involvement in the Korean War


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