Management of Extreme Weather

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Geography climatic hazards revision
Management of extreme weather
Short term
- Using satellites- predict onset of depression/anticyclone
- Warnings- monitor river levels and issues warnings
- Environment agency- flood warning system (flood alert, flood
warning, severe flood warning)
Reduce the impact
- Pumping water from flooded areas
- Temporary flood barriers
- Insurance for flood damage
- Making valuables safe
- Road gritting
Long term
- Rebuild more resilient homes/businesses
- Through the media
- Community action- local information meetings to educate people on
the hazards of flooding and how to react
Soft engineering
- Floodplain zoning- lowest value land nearest river
- Afforestation= more trees in catchment area intercept rain and
reduce surface run off
- Wash land areas- areas where water can be pumped that it doesn't
matter if there flooded
- Catchment restoration and managed retreat- gradually move housing
away from river catchment area
Hard engineering
- Dredging- remove silt from riverbed increasing the capacity of the
- Artificial levees
- Channelization
Mitigate against climate change
- Reduce CO2 emissions through investment in renewables
- Legislation on carbon emissions
- Increased public transport


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