What can humans do to reduce the impact of climatic hazards?

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  • What can humans do to reduce the impact of climatic hazards?
    • Long term management of extreme weather
      • Reconcstruct
        • Re-build
        • Build more resilient infrastructure
      • Education
      • Community Action
      • Soft engineering
        • Land use zoning
        • Afforestation
        • Washland areas
        • Catchment restoration and managed retreat
      • Hard engineering
        • Channelisation (straightening)
        • Artificial levees
        • Dredging
      • Mitigation against climate change
    • Short term management of floods
      • Forecast/ detect/ monitor
        • MET Office forecasts
        • Satellites
      • Warnings e.g monitor river levels
      • Reduce impact
        • Flood barriers
        • Pumping and gritting
    • Management of Smog in Mexico City
      • Free conversions to natural gas for buses and police cars
      • Increasing number of natural gas stations
      • Cars without catalytic converters are prohibited from driving one day per week
      • Large oil refinery in city center shut down
      • Improvements to public transport


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