Examine why some coastal environments need to be managed- Plan


Examine why some coastal environments need to be managed- Plan

Introduction- Introduce the case study- Barton on sea- This is located in Christchurch Bay on the South coast of England with a population of approximately 7000. Many physical factors at Barton have led to the coastline needing to be managed to prevent further damage and from it retreating further.

Paragraph 2-  Talk about the main issue and effects of it- The main issues that Barton on sea are facing is erosion, due to the soft rock, which has led to the coastline retreating by 80 metres since 1870 and continuing to do so at the rate of 0.5 metres a year. This has led to the closure of local services such as Cliff Edge café as well as other buildings on the cliff becoming under threat. Barton is also a very touristic town meaning that lots of jobs and businesses thrive on the money provided by tourists so the coast needs to be managed in order to maintain the inflow of customers.

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Paragraph 3- Why does the coastline need to be managed?- One of the key reasons why the coastline at Barton needs to be managed is because of the extreme size of the waves that reach the location. The waves reaching the bay are considerably large due to their fetch being over 3000m due to the South Westerly prevailing winds that are traveling over the Atlantic ocean from Brazil. As a result of this large fetch, waves will have much more energy as they have had time to build up so therefore do more damage to the coastline. Destructive waves, which are created from the high energy, have a weak swash and a strong backwash meaning that they erode the beach as they take away


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