Low Carbon Emission Vehicles

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Transport Management
Low carbon emission vehicles
What was the problem/Why was the
scheme introduced?
Transport is a major source of greenhouse gases.
Around a quarter of domestic carbon dioxide (CO) and
other greenhouse gas emissions in the UK come from
Transport is also a source of emissions which make air
quality worse.
Reducing greenhouse gases from transport will help
the long term goal of reducing the UK's greenhouse
gas emissions by at least 80% compared to 1990 levels
by 2050
The Department of Health estimates that poor air
quality costs our economy up to £17 billion each year
through increased health problems and reduced life

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What is the scheme?
These include hybrid, hydrogen and electric vehicles, and
vehicles that run on biofuels.
These may run on renewable energy sources and produce
significantly less emissions than standard petrol or diesel
E.g. in 2010, Singapore started using hydrogen-electric
buses. The buses are powered by hydrogen and lithium-ion
batteries and only emit water
Using low carbon emission vehicles improves air quality because emissions of pollutants (e.g.…read more


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